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Durango Walk-In Chiropractic
1401 Main Avenue, Suite B
Durango, Colorado 81301

Phone:  (970) 259-2022
Fax:  (970) 259-3672

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Welcome to Durango Walk In Chiropractic!

Welcome to our website!

Appointments are still recommented to reduce your extra wait time 

Because Chiropractic is a hands on profession we all need to continue washing our hands and/or using hand sanitizer.  Masks are not manitory however staff and doctors will wear masks while you are in the office if you make a request.  The office will continue to be deep cleaned daily.  All chiropractic tables as well as the patient chairs are sanitized throughout the day. 

We ask that people not congregate around the front desk while checking in or out.  If someone is already there, let’s give them space until they are finished.

We are still recommending patients make an appointments at this time.  If you do “walk-in” you may need to wait outside until we have a room open for you or we may need to set up a time to come back.  The world is a different place due to COVID-19.  Let’s all practice a little extra patience and courtesy so that we can all get through this together in a peaceful manner.  Stay safe, remain healthy and God Bless America.

At this office our mission is to improve the quality of your life. Dr. Pat and Dr. Bill will provide care not only for patients with symptoms (such as pain or limited motion), but also for patients without symptoms who want to experience optimum health. We know that health is so much more than just not feeling pain. We strive to have our patients reach their fullest innate (inborn) potential.

FLEXIBILITY is our thing!

We are accepting new patients!  You have the option do the patient documentation on this website (no need to print, it submits electronically), or do it in our office.

PLEASE NOTE, the app doesn't always work on mobile devices. Bring a picture ID and your insurance card, if your plan covers chiropractic.

"You should come here, we have the best patients in town!"

Massage Therapy

We appreciate the hard work our massage therapists do for us and our patients,

so please help respect their time.

We require 24 hours notice for cancellations or rescheduling of massage.

Cancellations without 24 hours notice of the appointment time will result

in a charge of half of the cost of the massage booked.

If you do need to cancel or reschedule, just give us a call at 970-259-2022. 

Patient Reviews

 I had chronic upper back problems for 11 years, consisting of a constant ache and extreme muscle tightness. It was exhausting and would only improve slightly after exercise and massage. I thought I would always have to live with this condition. After starting treatment with Dr .Pat my pain and stiffness started letting up and then stopped. I have been in almost full remission for over a year and a half and what a relief! The staff is great and always finds an opening in the schedule for me and the massage therapy is heavenly! Thanks to Durango walk in chiropractors, I have my health back and am pain free for the first time in over a decade! Lori

I had the need to see a chiropractor due to some unexplained SEVERE back pain. I chose Walk-In Chiropractic because it is fairly easy to get in…even in a pinch. I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Pat for the first time. Dr. Pat was AMAZING! He has an incredible bed-side manner…he’s quiet, calm, and speaks in a very soothing voice. He found that I had 2 ribs that were displaced. Although it was extremely painful to pop them back into place…he was gentle yet firm enough to get the job done. I have had to see him 3 times now…and with each visit he has a fabulous listening ear and is very affirming that I will get through this. It is without hesitation…that I HIGHLY recommend Walk-In Chiropractic and Dr. Pat for ALL of your chiropractic needs! Lynn D.

I had hurt my back while packing to move cross country and after 4 days on the road I was in pretty serious pain and had lost a bunch of mobility. I called Walk-In Chiropractic that Monday morning, got an appt that afternoon (super friendly staff by the way) and within a week I felt 100% better. Dr Bill is great. He took his time to figure out exactly what was wrong and helped me get to a better place in just a few visits. He's a real professional and I would recommend him to anyone. Billy Dee

If I had more than two thumbs, they'd all be up. I'd been seeing another chiropractor, on and off, for over two years prior to coming to Walk-In. I didn't care for his hard sell approach, and the feeling that I was on an assembly line at every visit. I stopped going to him, but over the summer developed some serious neck pain, and a tightened budget made me search out a provider in my insurance network. I gave Walk-In a try, and I was impressed, right off the bat, with how quickly they got me in. Dr. Kirsch was terrific, he was focused on me the whole time, and within three or four visits, my neck pain was completely gone. What was most impressive was the reaction from my massage therapist who has been working with me for over two years. At the end of our first session after my treatment with Dr. Kirsch, she described my neck as "amazing", and told me that, for the first time since she'd started working with me, she couldn't feel the big, bony bump in my neck. I especially loved that Dr.Kirsch didn't push me to schedule appointments after he'd gotten things back in line. He left it up to me as to whether I wanted to schedule regular maintenance appointments, or come in as needed. My only gripe is that access to the office is sketchy if you're coming from the south end of main. There's no turning lane into the parking lot, and you're trying to worm your way around two lanes of southbound traffic on Main avenue. It's a small price to pay for such excellent care. Lindsay N.

 Dr. Pat Kirsch changed my life with just one adjustment! For the past 3 years, I struggled with neck and shoulder pain, chronic lower back pain, and on top of that, I had a debilitating eye muscle issue which caused me to see double whenever I looked to the right. I saw a few eye doctors for the eye muscle issue and none of them could figure out what was wrong. I play and coach hockey, love to ride bikes, and am very active in general. The eye muscle issue made it really hard to participate in those activities, let alone do them well. Driving was challenging too. After just one adjustment (felt the change within seconds of the adjustment) from Dr. Pat, I actually regained the full use of my eye! I was floored. I also got relief for my neck and shoulder pain, and got some relief for the chronic lower back pain. Dr. Pat changed my life in an instant. My experience with Dr. Pat and with the staff at Walk-In Chiropractic was great. I should mention too, that I've been to 3 other local Chiropractors in the past decade and all of them seemed more concerned with getting me to commit to weekly adjustments rather than focusing on getting me well. 5 stars for Walk-In Chiropractic, highly recommend them. Thank you Dr. Pat! Blissfortress

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Parking lot

Handy tip to BEST access our parking lot coming from the South. 

Enter the Burger King parking lot just to the North & pull around through the alley behind

our building. You will come out on the South side of our office into our parking lot.


               That's why it's not called Drive-In Chiropractic!  

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Resolution of Colitis, Breastfeeding Issues and Multiple Health Problems in Infant Under Chiropractic
Resolution of Colitis, Breastfeeding Issues and Multiple Health Problems in Infant Under Chiropractic
In this study, the authors begin by giving an overview of the purpose of chiropractic. "The purpose of chiropractic is to help patients, families, and communities express their innate human potential. Doctors of Chiropractic help patients realize this by establishing an optimal neural connection . . .
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Patient with Parkinson's Disease with Low Back Pain Helped by Chiropractic - A Case Study
Patient with Parkinson's Disease with Low Back Pain Helped by Chiropractic - A Case Study
The results of a case study were published on June 9, 2021, in AME Case Reports documenting the improvement in lower back pain and quality of life of a Parkinson's patient after receiving chiropractic care. The Mayo Clinic gives an overview of Parkinson's Disease (PD) by saying, "Parkinson's disease . . .
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Low Heart Rate, Fatigue and Lightheadedness Improved in Senior Under Chiropractic Care
Low Heart Rate, Fatigue and Lightheadedness Improved in Senior Under Chiropractic Care
The Journal of Upper Cervical Chiropractic Research published the results of a case study on January 18, 2021, documenting the improvement under chiropractic care of an elderly woman who was suffering with a lower heart rate that resulted in fatigue and lightheadedness. . . .
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Oxygen Levels Increased in Newborn After Chiropractic Adjustment
Oxygen Levels Increased in Newborn After Chiropractic Adjustment
The Journal of Pediatric, Maternal & Family Health published a case study on October 8, 2020, that documented the improvement of oxygen levels in a newborn immediately following a chiropractic adjustment. The improvement was measured in real-time using a pulse oximeter. . . .
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