Durango Walk-In Chiropractic Team


Dr. Patrick Kirsch

Dr. Pat attended  Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa. He currently uses Gonstead, Thompson, Diversified and various other techniques. He has been a Chiropractor since 2005, and has practiced in Sheridan, Wyoming; Fort Collins, Colorado; and now Durango, Colorado. Before choosing Chiropractic, he was an Ironworker. He went into Chiropractic because he hurt his own back while doing ironwork, and Chiropractic greatly helped him.

Dr. Bill Malopolski
Dr. Bill attended Cleveland Chiropractic College in East Los Angeles, California. He uses Diversified, Thompson, SOT, and Activator techniques. He has been a Chiropractor for over twenty years and has practiced in California, Colorado and New York. Before choosing Chiropractic, he worked in engineering at Hughes Aircraft Company in El Segundo, California. He decided to go into Chiropractic because, he says, "I have been getting adjusted since I was ten years old, and it works!"


Abby Fontenelle, Licensed Medical Massage Therapist

Kim Kirsch, Office Manager

Kyria Evans, Office Assistant